Wedding Photography Post-Covid

I think we can safely say that weddings and events this year has gone a bit awry what with Covid-19 rearing it's head! With the amazing support provided by the NHS and key workers, we've gone over the first peak of the virus and rules have been relaxed a little to now allow intimate weddings.
Weddings may have a slightly different look going forward, at least for the immediate future - smaller gatherings, more consideration towards members who might not be able to make it, adjusting the timings of your wedding day so that guests don't need to stay the night or arrange an intimate elopement now with the aim to have bigger shindig next year! Despite the potential changes, weddings are still a great time to flex your creative muscles and create a day that is perfect.
What are you allowed to do?
As of the date of this post, the latest guidance from the government regarding weddings is to restrict the ceremony to a maximum of 30 people - this is inclusive of any suppliers such as your wedding photographer. These rules also only apply to the ceremony itself so having a reception afterwards would still be governed by the standard current guidance on social distancing i.e. only be restricted to the two household rule and/or your social bubble.
What does that mean for your wedding photography? 
From our point of view, not much at all! For photographers that have a documentary approach to your day, whether it's a small intimate gathering or a shorter affair, your photographer should be able to capture it with the same detail and care - it is also really important that you and your partner feel safe, so your photographer should also try their best to practice social distancing as much as possible.
As much as it might be simpler to have a one-price fits all approach, it might be restrictive to what your day might encompass, especially in these extraordinary times - ask your photographer whether they have an adjusted price model for elopements and intimate weddings, not all of them do but it is worth double-checking to see what they can do for you.
It is important that you find a photographer that has the same energy as you and is open to being a little flexible with your day - as you orchestrate a day that is both full of love and is still safe, your photographer should respect that and work with you. If you haven't already booked your photography, have a chat with us - our approach has always been to talk with you and your partner, via video chat and phone call, we're always open to talk about what you want best for you day.
So do you only need to have photography for your ceremony?
Well, it's still up to you - although there are safety restrictions in place, there are a variety of ways to tailor your wedding now that it's a little bit smaller. This can range from just covering the ceremony or incorporating a post-wedding photoshoot - either with your guests socially distanced and/or capturing you and your partner together. You and your photographer could also re-locate to a new location for a more intimate shoot, there is bound to be an area of natural beauty nearby or an urban landscape that means something special to you - whatever the location, your photographer should be able to capture the best of you and your partner.
"I would still rather postpone than carry out my wedding right now..."
This is a perfectly valid option and can remove some of the mental anguish that you might be feeling on trying to decide something right now in the middle of a pandemic! If you do decide to postpone, let your photographer know as soon as possible - they will usually be able to reschedule for your new date. If not, at least you know sooner rather than later and your photographer may be able to recommend another photographer with a similar style for you.
In the meantime, postponing doesn't mean you can't still celebrate your time together - and it could be a perfect opportunity to spend some time getting more acquainted with your photographer. By doing an engagement shoot or one of our more budget-friendly outdoor photo sessions, it helps give you and your partner a taste of what your wedding photography might be like, giving you a little more confidence for you on your special day.
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