Planning Your Wedding with Your Photographer

Amazing! You're getting married and you've already found your photographer (or if you haven't, let us know :D ) - now the question is usually, what happens next?
There are few things that are really helpful for your photographer to know and in turn, helps give you more confidence for your day. Regardless of the style of photography that your photographer does or how much experience they have, your photographer should be able to help guide you in conveying what you are expecting for your day to them.
Before your day unfolds, it's useful for key members of your wedding party and your suppliers to have a copy of the timings of the day. Whatever you have planned, ensuring that the photographer has a list of the order of events (even in it's roughest form) will ensure that your photographer is prepared. If you happen to have any surprises planned for your guests or partner, let your photographer know in advance as well so that they're prepared to capture it.
Key Contacts
If you don't have a wedding planner or an on-the-day wedding planner, it can be stressful to imagine that on your day, you're going to both be the one getting married and be the one that makes things run smoothly! Here is where your support system comes along - letting your photographer know the key members in your wedding party that can help with assembling people for photos or who can point out the ones closest to you that you'd like to have photographed more can be incredibly helpful.
​​​​​​​Group PHOTOS
Although we shoot in a journalistic style, more often than not, we get asked to do group photos for those frame-able moments - which we're more than happy to do :) Let your photographer know in advance what group shots you would like to have and if you're not entirely sure, the photographer should be able to provide a standard list that you can work off of. Using the key contacts, the photographer will be able to then identify your loved ones for these group shots without ever ruffling your feathers. Top tip for couples wanting group photos, always allow a little extra time during these sets of photos - it always takes a little longer to gather the right people together. We'd recommend that group photos shouldn't take longer than half an hour and trust your photographer to capture the day as it unfolds.
On such a wonderful busy day, it is often the little things that have been arranged with care and detail that mean so much when looking back on your wedding photos. It could be any number of innocuous items - the placements on a table, handmade decorations, pictures of those that could not make it. As a documentary photographer, we try to capture the tiniest details as well as the big moments - but if there's something in particular you'd like to capture that you want to make sure your photographer does, let them know :)
Over time, we aim to hone our powers of telepathy - but in the absence of those fully-fledged powers, know that you're in capable hands when it comes to finding out what we need to capture your day! Wedding planning can be stressful but hopefully, you'll let us be part of your support network leading up to your special day. All those little details are things we can bring up and cover in our wedding consultation and in any future conversation up until your wedding day.
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